Best Natural Tourism Destinations in North Sumatra


There are so many natural tourist destinations in North Sumatra, from mountains, lakes to waterfalls, even many of them are global. in addition to its beautiful natural attractions in North Sumatra there are also many cultural tourism spots, because North Sumatra is an area that has a lot of cultural diversity.

North Sumatra is one of the destinations that is visited by many local and foreign tourists, because the strategic location of the region and the customs of the Batak that make North Sumatra a special attraction for tourists.

Natural tourist destinations in North Sumatra:

1. Lake Toba


Lake Toba is the icon of North Sumatra that has been worldwide, the lake that has an island in the middle is formed from the eruption of the mountain several hundred years ago. The island that is on the Lake of Toba is called “Samosir Island”, to be able to go to Samosir Island, we can use many crossing vessels available at Lake Toba port called Ajibata Harbor.

Lake Toba is the largest lake in Southeast Asia which has a very fantastic size about 100 km long and 30 km wide, the lake is surrounded by a very high hill. In Lake Toba tourists are not just just enjoying the natural beauty, you will meet Lake Toba people who are very friendly and friendly so you want to linger in Lake Toba.

2. Two-color waterfall


the waterfall which is located in sibolangit area is a very beautiful waterfall which has two different color gradations namely blue and white, scientifically this color difference due to water containing “phosphorus and sulfur”. Even more unique besides having two different colors, this waterfall also has a different temperature too, blue water has a cold temperature while white has a warm temperature.

3. Lawang hill


Lawang hill is a natural tourist area which is famous for its swift river currents and also clear, Lawang Hill is still included in the Gunung Lauser National Park which is an orangutan reservation place. At Lawang Hill, you can do rafting, swimming and trekking activities, and enjoy the beauty of nature that is still well preserved.

4. water falls sipiso – piso


The waterfall is in the hills with a height of about 120 m and surrounded by pine trees, is one of the highest waterfalls in Indonesia, to arrive at Sipiso – Piso waterfall the path is very beautiful because it passes through the hills which takes about an hour to get to the bottom of this waterfall.

 5. island nias


Nias Island is an island that is no less famous than other islands in Indonesia, nias is the best destination in the world to surf with the best big waves that only surfers in Hawaii and Nias can enjoy, Nias Island is located in the Indian Ocean in the west of Sumatra.


Not only is it famous for its beaches, Nias Island is also famous for its stone jumps, where the tradition takes place because of the habit of fighting between villages on the island of Nias. But one thing that needs to be known is that the tradition of jumping stones is not found in all Nias regions and is only found in certain villages such as in the Teluk Dalam region. And one more thing, this tradition can only be followed by men only.

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