Paradise On Rubiah Island


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                  Rubiah Island is located in the province of Aceh precisely in the Sabang region, this uninhabited island presents its underwater beauty which is the best destination for lovers of snorkeling and diving. Rubiah Island also earned the nickname as “Rubiah Marine Park”, because of the still preserved flora and fauna ecosystems in the sea of ​​Rubiah Island. The unspoiled condition of the island and the preservation of the natural environment of the island of Rubiah make this island a haven for tourists who come.

                  To get to Rubiah Island, tourists usually use the route from Banda Aceh to the port of Ulee Lheue, after arriving at the port, tourists take a ferry to cross The Weh island, the ferry departure schedule is opened twice a day. After arriving at Weh Island, tourists first go to Iboih beach, from here tourists can rent a motorboat or speedboat to get to the island.

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                    On Rubiah Island, tourists will be presented with amazing natural beauty, vast expanse of ocean with blue water, green hills, and beaches that have white sand that will spoil the eyes of tourists.

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                    When visiting Rubiah Island, the most desirable thing for tourists is to enjoy the natural beauty of the underwater, tourists can snorkeling or diving, the underwater natural beauty of Rubiah Island is very complete, not only various types of fish there are also various living coral reefs harmonious with fish adorn the underwater panorama of rubiah island. Not only enjoying the underwater tourists can also go around enjoying the beauty of the island of Rubiah, by renting a motorboat to see the best spots around Rubiah Island, besides that tourists can also rent glass-bottomed boats to see the underwater beauty.

Rubiah Island Facility

                   Although it has become a well-known maritime tourism destination abroad, the facilities on this island are still very minimal, there is only one inn with two rooms, this is because the island is uninhabited, so many tourists come here using tents to spend the night or return to the beach provide bungalows around the beach iboih.


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