Vacation To Komodo Island


    Komodo Island is located in the province of East Nusa Tenggara, Komodo Island is also a Komodo National Park area which is managed by the Indonesian government. The name of this island is taken from the name of an original animal that lives and lives on this island “KOMODO”. Komodo dragons are ancient animals that still survive and are still preserved even these animals can only be found on this island.


    Komodo Island won an award as the New Seven Wonders of Nature which is an award for the seven best natural attractions in the world. Besides being famous for “KOMODO”, this island also has a natural exoticism that spoils the eyes, the best way to enjoy this island is by trekking, tourists can see other wild animals besides Komodo, horses, wild deer, bulls.

    The trekking path on Komodo Island is very steep, from passing through forests, rivers and even cliffs, but we will see the beautiful habitat of Komodo. When trekking tourists are usually accompanied by a ranger or guide as well as the Komodo handler.


    In addition to the beautiful natural attractions of the island, Komodo Island also stores other beauties namely underwater beauty, tourists can dive and enjoy the beauty of hundreds of coral reef species, green turtles, and thousands of fish species that live here. Under the sea Komodo island is one of the best dive locations in the world.

There are three best spots on the island of Komodo to enjoy the beauty of the underwater, namely
1. Samsia
Tourists can walk under the sea and can interact with turtles, sharks, and other small fish.
2. toko toko
Referred to as a stone palace in water, because it is at a depth of 7 m below sea level, here tourists will be spoiled with beautiful views of various colors of coral reefs and fish playing among the reefs.
3. Crystal rock
This spot is at a depth of 5 m below sea level, so tourists will be spoiled with various kinds of fish.

The best time to dive on Komodo Island is March – December, due to wind direction, water temperature, strong currents, and seasons that affect visibility when diving is good for that month.

    One of the famous beaches on this island is a pink beach, this beach has pink sand, the color of the sand will be more clearly seen when the sand is wet by the waves. According to the study, the pink color is caused by fragments of coral which are destroyed and mixed with beach sand, this beach is also the best place to see the underwater beauty.


    To get to the island of Komodo can be traveled by land, air and sea. If by land a bus from Bali is available to Labuan Bajo, when you arrive in Labuan Bajo the trip is continued by using a ferry to Komodo Island, if by air will fly from Bali – Labuan Bajo, then continue on the ferry to Komodo Island. If you use the sea route, depart from Tanjung Benoa Bali to Labuan Bajo, then use the ferry to Komodo Island.

    For lodging on the island of Komodo, tourists can stay at a hotel in Labuan Bajo, or rent a boat to go around which is equipped with beds, toilets and food, or the third one stays at the house of the island guards.



There is still a lot of excitement on vacation on the island of Komodo, you will have many of the most beautiful memories that are hard to forget while on vacation on the island of Komodo.










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