Bunaken Marine Park


    Bunaken is an island in the Manado region, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. This island with an area of ​​8.08 square kilometers can be reached by fast boat or rented boat with about 30 minutes from the port of Manado. Bunaken is very famous in the eyes of tourists with its exotic bunaken marine park. This marine park has a very complete biological wealth in the world.

    In 1991 the city government of Manado had the idea of ​​making Bunaken as a marine tourism and educational tourism object, because the local government saw marine nature conservation activities in this region. The Minister of Marine Affairs finally inaugurated Bunaken as the Bunaken National Marine Park.

    For tourists who like scuba diving, Bunaken is one of the best places to do this activity, there are around 20 spot that can be used for diving, where the amazing charm of the underwater world can be found. There are about 13 types of coral reefs that rise steeply downward as deep as about 25-50 meters, and there are about 91 species of fish that are in the Bunaken marine park.


    The enchanting underwater scenery of Bunaken is truly a pity to miss by tourists, in addition to the wealth of coral reefs and fish, tunnels under the sea make this place an underwater paradise that is impossible to find elsewhere. Not only the beauty of the underwater is very amazing, the natural beauty of the land is also very beautiful, the eyes will be spoiled with natural scenery that is still very natural.


    For bunaken lodgings that are already widely available, from the standard to the luxurious ones, this is because bunaken tourism is so well known that there are already many investors to build lodging in Bunaken.

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