The Best Natural Tourist Destination In West Java



    West Java is a province in Indonesia that has quite complete tourist attractions, from mountains to beaches. West Java is the right vacation choice for adventurers or on vacation with family.

Here are some natural attractions in West Java with a view that spoils the eyes and has become the best recommendation.

1. White crater


    White crater is quite famous in Indonesia with its natural beauty, the white crater is located at the top of Mount Patuha, Ciwidey, South Bandung. With temperatures that are quite cold around 8-22 degrees, before arriving at the peak of tourists will be presented with views of tea plantations. after arriving at the peak of tourists will be spoiled with the natural beauty of the white crater that is so natural. The white crater has a crater lake that is so unique with color milky white and sometimes turns blue.White crater is also often used as a place for photo prewedding.

2. Stone Garden


    Stone garden is located on Mount Masigit, cipatat , very exotic, by having a field studded with rocks so amazing, especially in the morning or evening when the sun sets.Tourists can explore the natural rocks of former ancient lakes while enjoying phenomenal views from the top of the hill. In addition to the vast expanse of scenery, there is a rock garden on a plateau on a hill so it is like being on vacation abroad.Tourists can enjoy the views of the rocks that are erect with an artistic formation from the top of the meadow on the hill, many tourists who think they are on vacation in the country above the clouds due to the beauty.

3. Green canyon


    Green canyon located in the village of Kertayasa, Pangandaran, is the best destination with a very amazing view. With shady trees, green cliffs, clear rivers, and caves filled with beautiful stalagmites and stalactites make green canyons very popular with natural beauty that is still very natural and awake.
Tourists can enjoy green canyons in various ways, either by boat or by swimming. Tourists can also play body rafting along the 3 km river.

4. Ujung genteng beach


    West Java also has a very beautiful and white sand beach, among which is the tip of the tile beach in Sukabumi. The beach that has white sand is also a very beautiful beach with the clarity of the sea water, a view that is not less interesting on this beach is the view of the sunset. The sunset moment on this beach has become a hidden paradise that can only be found and enjoyed in the Ujung Genteng beach area.
ujung genteng beach is also very suitable for tourists who are very happy to surf, this is due to the characteristics of the big and strong south coast waves. This beach is also very loved by turtles, in August many turtles come and lay eggs on this beach.

5. Cikaso waterfall


    Cikaso waterfall located in Ciniti village, South Sukabumi, has the beauty of three adjoining waterfalls and a pond below it has a very exotic blue water color. The height of the waterfall which reaches 80 m and the width of the 100 m cliff presents a beautiful and charming view of the abundance of water and surrounded by green trees, the water poured then creates a very exotic and very cool water mist.
    The roar of the sound of the waterfall will produce beautiful natural music, while the water points appear to fall on the leaves to produce a fresh atmosphere. When the sun is shining brightly there is a possibility that tourists will see a small rainbow in the waterfall.

6. Pangandaran Beach


    Pangandaran Beach is located in the southeast of West Java. It has been named the best beach in West Java province. The specialty of this beach is that tourists can enjoy the sunrise and sunset on one beach, fine white sand, clear sea water and very complete tourist facilities. Pangandaran Beach will be very crowded when holiday arrive, not even a few tourists who set up tents on the beach because they don’t get lodging.

7. The bodas talaga white crater
Talaga bodas white crater is a white crater located in Pangatikan and Wanaraja sub-districts, Garut, craters that have white and green colors are very attractive to tourists, the talaga bodas crater provides beautiful natural scenery, fresh air, and charming green hills, tourists can hot water baths in a hot tub that is already available while enjoying nature.


    Talaga Bodas crater is very suitable to be enjoyed with the family, this is because the activities carried out are hot baths, hiking, trekking, camping, and photography, tourists can enjoy from various angles of beauty. Every corner will provide an incredible view, the view of the crater surrounded by mountains with lush trees is very beautiful and spoil the eyes.

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