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The Beauty Of South Sumatra’s Natural Tourism



    South Sumatra is one of the provinces in Indonesia which is located in the southern part of the island of Sumatra with the capital of Palembang. South Sumatra has some beautiful natural attractions, many local and foreign tourists who come to enjoy its natural beauty.

Some of the best natural attractions that are worth a visit

1. Angel Waterfall

    Angel waterfall is in the inner Karang village, Pulau Pinang sub-district, Lahat district. This waterfall has another name for water “Ayek Asam waterfall”. The water flowing in this waterfall empties into the Lematang river. This waterfall has a height of about 30 m and a top width of 10 m and a width below 15 m.

Named angel Waterfall because local folklore was once a place for bathing angels, apart from that this waterfall is very beautiful and interesting to visit, besides enjoying the beautiful natural scenery, tourists can also refresh themselves by swimming in the lake in under the waterfall.

Around the lake there are naturally lined coral reefs that look very beautiful, the sound of a flowing waterfall will provide a soothing atmosphere.

2. Mount Dempo

    The mountain which is located in the natural fence city is the highest mountain in southern Sumatra, has a height reaching 3,195 masl, this mountain is surrounded by hills and mountain slopes which are the highest peaks of mountain ranges that stretch along the island of Sumatra.

    Mount Dempo has a dipterocarp forest area, montane forest hill, and ericaceous forest or what is called mountain forest, this mountain is located on the border of South Sumatra Province and Bengkulu.

3. Lake Ranau


    Lake Ranau is the second largest lake on the island of Sumatra after Lake Toba. This lake is located in the southern Ogan Komering Ulu district. This lake was created by a large earthquake and volcanic eruption from the volcano and formed a large basin. Lake Ranau area also has very cool weather, right in the middle of the lake there is an island called the island of Marisa, on this island there are hot springs that are often used by locals and tourists, on this island there are also waterfalls and inns.


Visiting Lake Ranau is like booking a complete holiday, in addition to getting a beautiful view from the top of Seminung Mountain, taking a hot bath on the island of Marisa and playing water on the banks of Lake Ranau, tourists can also feel the sensation of bathing in Subik Tuha Waterfall, It is located east of Lake Ranau.

4. Pasemah plateau


    The Pasemah plateau is located between the lahat and the natural fence which is a cultural and natural protected area, because here are found a number of mysterious megalithic stones originating from ancient times. A number of statues or large stones are found in this region, which originated from humans who lived around 3000 years ago. But information about this ancient human life or culture is still largely a mystery.

5. Cave princess


    cave princess is located in the village of Padang Bindu, a subdistrict like Aji, Ogan Komering Ulu, Batu Raja. cave princess is one of the tourist icons that are in demand by local and foreign tourists, cave princess is able to create beauty and historical value that must be visited. This cave has a depth estimated at around 150, a height of about 20 m, and a width of 20-30 m. this cave also flows sumuhun river which according to local people when bathing or washing their face in the river flow all desires can be realized.

Inside the cave there are views of the stlactite and stalagmite which are presented so beautifully because of the reflection of some colorful lights, the unique of this cave, visitors do not enter and exit on the same road.

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