Enchantment of Nias Island



Nias Island is one of the islands that has become a destination for tourists, the uniqueness of this island is the main target for tourists and is able to leave a good impression so tourists who have visited always want to enjoy the island again. Many tourist objects owned by Nias Island, as a marine tourism destination, cultural tourism and nature tourism. Nias Island was once the place for the world surfing championship.

Some tourist attractions on Nias Island

1. Sorake Beach


Beautiful beaches and of course always in the heart of every tourist who has come to this place. Sorake Beach is located in the south of Nias, precisely located in Telukdalam, this beach has high waves so it is suitable for surfing, many foreign tourists who come every year to the beach to test their ability to master the sea waves. Almost every year there is a surfing competition and is followed by many tourists from various parts of the world.

2. Bawomataluo Village


Bawomataluo means the sun hill, which means this village is at the top of a hill and is one of the biggest tourist villages on Nias Island, in this village tourists can enjoy the arrangement of traditional houses that have been neatly arranged. In addition, in this village there is also a large house which is usually called a king’s house and in which there are many unique ornaments of Nias and a number of pig’s jaws as symbols of noble position according to tribe nias, the more jaws of the pig, the higher the caste for the people nias.


In this village tourists can also enjoy the greatness of young men who jump over rocks. Stone jumping has become a tradition for the people of Nias Island, this was a place of proof for every young man to become an adult.

3. Lagundri beach


Lagundri Beach is a paradise for surfers, lagundri beach is part of the 10 best beaches in the world. Lagundri Beach has wave heights from 7 to 10 meters, the best time to enjoy this beach is in June and July, this is because the weather and the waves are good.

4. Gawu Soyo Beach


Gawu Soyo Beach is located in Afulu Subdistrict, North Nias Regency, this beach has a very unique color of sand, which is reddish, from a distance its reddish sand looks like clay, besides the presence of rare turtle species that come out of its habitat and across the coast is an attraction itself for tourists visiting this beach.

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