The Charm Of The Beauty Of The Ijen Crater



Ijen Crater is a crater located in the Mount Ijen Banyuwangi area, East Java Province, is one of the mountains that is still active in Indonesia. Ijen Crater has an altitude of 2,443 m above sea level and is an acidic mountain in the world. For the size of the mountain Ijen crater is about 20 km and the area reaches 5,466 hectares, has a caldera wall as high as 300-500 m and has a depth of about 300m. Ijen Crater is the center of the largest crater lake in the world, which can produce 36 million cubic meters of sulfur and hydrogen chloride.

Ijen’s own name was known to the world since the arrival of two tourists from France in 1971, they wrote the story of the charm of the ijen crater along with the hard life of the sulfur miners in geo magazine, France. These two things are the main attraction for tourists and world photographers to come to the ijen crater.


ijen crater has the charm of natural beauty that is very extraordinary with the sulfur lake of turquoise green, when the morning tourists will be presented with a very beautiful sunrise, the morning sun shining on the crater will be reflected so as to form a green glow from the surface.

In the middle of the night the ijen crater also provided a natural beauty that was very indulgent to the eye, from the continuous flow of sulfuric liquid under the crater which caused a blue fire, there were only two phenomena in the world, the first in Iceland and the second in Indonesia.


The natural beauty of Ijen crater is amazing, from the peak of Ijen in addition to seeing the panoramic view of the acid lake of Ijen crater, tourists are also presented with breathtaking views around the Ijen crater, such as the peak of Mount Merapi, Mount Suket, Mount Rante, mountain raung, and other natural beauty.

If you want to get the best view, tourists should start to climb from the paltuding around 4 o’clock in the morning with an estimate up to 6-7 in the morning. At this hour the ijen crater is in the best condition and provides a very beautiful view and spoil the eyes.


Around Paltuding, there are simple lodgings managed by the forestry service. Before dawn, usually the tourists who stay in wake up for hiking preparations, if they don’t want to spend the night at tourist accommodation, they can set up tents in this area.

To visit Mount Ijen or Ijen crater can be accessed from two directions, namely from the north and from the south. From the north, you can go through Situbondo to Sempol (Bondowoso) via Wonosari and proceed to Paltuding, the distance from Situbondo to Paltuding is around 93 km and can take around 2.5 hours. Whereas from the south, it can be passed from Banyuwangi to licin about 15 km, from licin to paltuding within 18 km and continue to use a jeep or other heavy car about 6 km before going to Paltuding, this is because the route is winding and uphill .

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