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The Natural Beauty Of Two-Color Waterfalls



    The wealth of the island of Sumatra is endless to discuss, its exotic nature continues to offer beautiful places to visit. Like a two-color waterfall which is one of the beautiful natural attractions in North Sumatra.

    The two-color waterfall is located in Sibolangit sub-district, Durin Sirugun village, Deli Serdang district, North Sumatra. This waterfall was formed as a result of the eruption of Mount Sibayak hundreds of years ago and the source of this waterfall is also from Mount Sibayak. The height of the two-color waterfall is around 1270 m. according to the name, this waterfall has two colors, namely blue which is found in water that falls from above and white to gray which is found in the water that is accommodated below.


    The scientific history of this color difference is caused by water containing phosphorus and sulfur, with the presence of these two substances, the water in the location of the waterfall is forbidden to drink. In addition to color, the temperature of this waterfall is very unique, there are two temperatures, namely cold temperatures in water that are blue, and warm temperatures in water that are white to gray.

To be able to enjoy the beauty of this two-color waterfall, tourists will go through a very dense and natural forest area that has a very refreshing air. The journey starts from the entrance to the Sibolangit campground which is then continued by trekking through the forest for about 2-3 hours, making sure you have enough stamina because the road to the location has many steep and slippery roads, It’s good for security and safety using a guide, but thus when he arrived at the waterfall two colors tiring after traveling will pay off with the beauty that is presented by a two-color waterfall.


    Its position in the forest makes this attraction not have many public facilities, from that make sure tourists who want to enjoy the waterfall prepare all the needs that will be brought, especially if tourists choose to set up tents and spend the night here.

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