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Gumuk Parangkusumo “Indonesian Desert”

    Indonesia is a country with a variety of natural beauty that is very complete, one of the phenomena of natural beauty that exists in Indonesia is the existence of deserts in the south of Yogyakarta called “Gumuk Parangkusumo”. Like the beauty of art that is shaped by nature, the area of ​​Gumuk parangkusumo will look like sand with carvings. The shape of the sand dune is influenced by the direction of the wind, and the barrier of the forming material in the form of vegetation.


    Gumuk parangkusumo is located between Parangtritis Beach and Depok Beach, the process of the desert occurring is inseparable due to the presence of Mount Merapi, Mount Merabu, Opak River, Progo River, and Parangtritis Beach. The sand dune that collects is material derived from volcanic ash carried by the opak river, progo river and other rivers until finally reaching the beach of Parangtritis. Then here the volcanic material was swayed by the waves until finally eroded and turned into fine dust that finally reached the shore and could easily be blown away by the wind, because the process was continuously formed to form sand mounds collected on the land along Parangtritis Beachand Depok Beach,Gumuk parangkusumo formed for thousands of years.


    Gumuk Parangkusumo has quite extreme temperatures, where when the afternoon is very hot, but when the night turns very cold, the type of sand in this area is unique because it has the same characteristics as the desert found in Mexico.

In addition to being a beautiful natural tourist attraction, Gumuk Parangkusumo is also used as an object of research, even the plan for Gumuk parangkusum will be listed in the Unesco Heritage, this is because it is an unusual natural phenomenon and in Southeast Asia only in Indonesia. has an area of ​​about 2 km from the coastal estuary, making Gumuk Parangkusumo a beautiful object for photographers. Gumuk Parangkusumo is also often used as a place to play sandboarding, with a height of about 20 m, visitors can glide along 200 m.


Because the location is not far from Parangtritis Beach and Depok Beach, making Gumuk Parangkusumo tourism has quite complete facilities, the number of inns and other entertainment venues makes tourists do not need to worry to be able to enjoy as much parangkusumo gumuk as possible.

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