Natural Beauty Of The Beach Of Ora

    Indonesia is famous for its natural beauty, as an archipelago, Indonesia has many beautiful beaches, one of which is the beach of Ora. Ora Beach is one of the world’s paradise located north of Seram Island, Central Moluccas. Precisely at the western end of Sawai Bay and located next to the village of Saleman and Sawai Village, at the edge of the Manusela National Park Forest.


The Ora coastal area does not have extensive land, it is a steep cliff or rock. Although it can be climbed, the natural contours around the coast are formed by towering cliffs. The cliffs that surround the coast of Ora are formed from tectonic processes in ancient times, where volcanic craters formed, then sank into sea water and became a bay.

Ora Beach is one of Indonesia’s biggest potentials, especially moluccas. The beach that has been known to foreign countries has natural beauty that can be matched with beaches in Hawaii and Maldives, this beach has very soft white sand and is very indulgent for tourists, has a beautiful underwater park, with coral reefs and all kinds of things Marine biota. The main activity carried out by tourists when it comes to this beach is to enjoy the beauty of its very exotic underwater park. When snorkeling is usually tourists can forget the time, this is caused by the beauty of the underwater, especially coral reefs that are very awake and still very natural.


besides snorkeling, there are still many other activities that can be done by tourists, such as visiting Manusela National Park, in this national park there are about 117 bird species where 14 of them are endemic species, tourists can also use motorized boats or fishing boats to just enjoy the beauty sights around Manusela National Park.

The tourists who come to Ora Beach can also enjoy staying at exotic wooden stage houses, there are various resorts that provide lodging in the form of wooden stilt houses which among them are directly built on sea water. This makes the ora beach excellent for newly married tourists and becomes a honeymoon destination.


    To be able to enjoy the beauty of the world paradise of Ora Beach, tourists will travel quite a long way, from Ambon to the coast of Ora through the Hulnara port to the port of Amahai, Seram Island. From the port of Amahai to the village of Saleman, rent a vehicle with a travel time of about 2.5 hours, after arriving at the village of Saleman, tourists still have to use a boat for about 15 minutes to Ora Beach. The journey is quite long but not comparable to the beauty of the beach of Ora.

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