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Enchantment of Peucang Island



     Peucang Island is located in Banten province, Indonesia, and is located east of Ujung Kulon National Park. Therefore, tourists who are visiting Ujung Kulon National Park will continue their journey to Peucang Island. This is because the beauty and natural wisdom on this island is able to hypnotize every tourist who comes. Peucang Island has an area of ​​450 hectares, which is divided into forests and beachl areas. The forest here is still in the form of primary forest, which means that the forest on this island is still natural.


     The name of the island of Peucang itself is taken from the name of a snail-like animal that is often found in the coastal area of ​​Peucang. Peucang Island is included in one of the world heritage given by UNESCO, this is because it is located not too far from Ujung Kulon National Park.

     Peucang Island has a very beautiful beach, a beach that has white sand with soft characteristics, is a beauty offered by the beach on this island. The water has light blue shades on the beach, and dark blue in the middle. The location of the island flanked by the mainland of Java and Panaitan islands makes the waves here relatively calm, so tourists can swim or just play water on the beach calmly. In the morning, this beach is the best place to watch the sun rise. It is unique on this island, tourists will immediately interact with animals around the island.


A place that is not less interesting on this island is karang Copong, a location that provides a sunset panorama as its main dish. heading to this location, tourists will feel the sensation of exploring the forest with a distance of 3 km and takes about 45 minutes. To get to the reef, tourists must be accompanied by forest rangers who are always on guard on the island. This is because to keep tourists from getting lost and avoiding the threat of wild animals. The name of the karang copong itself is the name of a coral that has a hole in the middle.


     To be able to arrive and enjoy this Peucang island, tourists must go through the long journey, drive for 6 hours to Kertajaya village, well district, then sail by boat for 3 hours. And for lodging, on this island villas are divided into several rooms, the most important thing for tourists who want to visit this island should contact the Ujung Kulon National Park, to facilitate your trip, such as preparing accommodations such as lodging, food and guides.


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