Exoticism Of The Kiluan Bay


Indonesia has a lot of natural wealth that is very beautiful and amazing, one of the places that has such natural beauty is “Lampung”, one of the tourist attractions that must be visited in Lampung is the kiluan bay . Tourist attractions, where tourists can see dozens of dolphins in their natural habitat.


The Kiluan bay is located in Tanggamus district, which is located in the southern part of Lampung province with a distance of 80 km from the city of Lampung. The journey is taken with a distance of 3-4 hours, it is recommended for tourists who will visit Kiluan bay using an off-road car, this is because the trip is quite tiring and the road that passes is also a lot of rocks. But that will all pay off when you arrive at the refinery bay.

Kiluan Bay is a migration route from bottled mouth dolphins, so that every day tourists can watch dolphins swim freely on the high seas, to be able to see and chat directly with these animals, tourists have to take a boat in the middle of the ocean, for boat rental prices affordable with a price range of Rp. 250,000 – Rp. 300,000. The experience that will be directly obtained is the dolphins will immediately approach and jump around the boat. At the kiluan bay not only witness the attractions of dolphins swimming freely on the high seas, the kiluan bay has natural charm that is worth admiring.


What is interesting about this bay is the very dominant participation of local people, most of the residents provide their homes as homestays for tourists who come to the bay of kiluan. Local residents generally work as fishermen and lobster keepers, they also rent boats to see dolphins, snorkeling, and fishing at a fairly cheap cost. Local people are very friendly to the tourists who come, so tourists are very comfortable for a long time enjoying the beauty of the bay. Although managed independently by the local community, the natural condition of the kiluan bay is well maintained, the beauty of the protected bay area is inseparable from tourism management which is oriented to the concept of ecotourism, which is environmentally friendly.

Another feature at the Kiluan Bay that can be enjoyed by tourists is the gayau lagoon, which is a natural swimming pool behind the bay of Kiluan hill, a large blue swimming pool formed by natural rock. holes of rock with a size of about 5 m create a spark of sea water from the hole so that it gives a different sensation when swimming or just soaking in it.


At Teluk Kiluan tourists can also do snorkeling activities, the place is located opposite the coconut island or is about 15 minutes by boat from the bay of Kiluan, this place presents unspoiled coral reefs with fish and marine biota that are very interesting and beautiful. In addition to the beauty of the sea in the bay of Kiluan, tourists can also enjoy the beauty of a very beautiful and amazing sunset.


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