Sumurtiga beach attraction is a beach located on Le Meulee, Weh Island, Aceh. This white sand beach is known for its enchanting natural scenery and is a must-visit destination when on vacation in Aceh, the charm of the beach that is not inferior to the beaches in Indonesia and has its own attraction for domestic and foreign tourists.

Sumurtiga Beach is also known as Hawaii Indonesia, this is because of the beauty that is very mesmerizing and spoils the eyes of tourists, the name of the Sumurtiga beach comes from a beach that has three freshwater wells, the Sumurtiga beach has different characteristics from the beach around it, the beach this is like one of the heaven that falls from the sky, this is because the beach has white sand and a very exotic beach atmosphere.


On the location of the beach there are also historical heritage sites of Japanese times, such as the many remaining residences of Japanese population, the coastline of 2 km along with a stretch of white sand looks dazzling accompanied by waves of turquoise blue.

Sumurtiga Beach presents nautical natural beauty with an unspoiled environment, green coconut trees on the beach make the atmosphere on the beach look very beautiful. Many tourists who come to this beach to enjoy the beauty of the sunset that looks so clear and real, this beach is also famous for strong waves and strong winds blowing with a vast expanse of sea views.

Snorkeling and diving are excellent activities that are very preferred by tourists on the Sumurtiga coast, with the beauty of underwater coral reefs that are still very well maintained, on this beach tourists can also rent snorkeling and diving equipment at very affordable prices, even renting boats to look for the best snorkeling and diving spots around the beach. While snorkeling and diving tourists can also do other activities, such as swimming, sunbathing, fishing.


The facilities on Sumurtiga beach are very adequate, there are many hotels and resorts, parking areas, public toilets, and restaurants. With prices that are still very affordable, the Sumurtiga beach is a favorite place to visit.

To get to the sumurtiga beach it only takes less than 20 minutes to depart from the Sabang port of the city of Sabang, and if departing from the city center Sabang only takes 10 minutes, and this beach can be traveled by car and motorbike.

For tourists who are married or who are on a honeymoon, Sumurtiga beach is very suitable to visit.

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