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The Beauty Of The Island Of Karimunjawa


Karimunjawa Island is an archipelago in the middle of the Java Sea and belongs to the area of ​​Jepara, Central Java, Karimunjawa Islands as a whole consisting of 27 islands and only 5 inhabited. The main tourism potential of these islands is the beauty of the sea, and because of the tourism potential of its marine parks, the islands were designated as one of Indonesia’s national parks in 2001. The islands offer maritime and natural tourism which is very beautiful for domestic and foreign tourists.

Karimunjawa Islands has become a paradise for divers, the beauty of coral reefs and colorful fish in the sea will be an attraction for playing in the water. The sea water in Karimunjawa is very clear, so tourists can see the sea floor very clearly, for tourists who like fishing, can also do it on several islands in Karimunjawa. To visit the islands in Karimunjawa tourists can use boats, the time needed is not too long to visit several islands at once, because the location is close together.


In Karimunjawa, tourists will be presented with amazing views, starting from the beauty of their coral reefs, clean beaches and also the beauty of a group of islands that adorn the sea of ​​Java. Karimunjawa has more than 90 types of marine corals, more than 240 species of fish and turtles. On some islands, tourists can enjoy the beauty of mangrove forests and coastal forests. In addition, tourists can also find species on land, such as deer, monkeys, and various types of birds.


For lodging, Karimunjawa already has several luxury resorts on small islands or hotels with cheaper rates. Some residents also rent out their houses with cheaper rates, or there are floating guesthouses which are quite a lot of fans because of what lodging is on the sea and not far from the beach.


To get to Karimunjawa, tourists can use several alternatives such as:
1. Fast boat from Semarang via Tanjung Emas harbor with estimated forging time of around 4 to 6 hours.
2. Ships from Jepara can go through Kartini port with a distance of around 2.5 to 3 hours
3. Using a small plane from Ahmad Yani airport with a distance of about 30 minutes.

It is recommended to come to Karimunjawa, preferably in March to October, because the weather is very friendly so you can explore and enjoy the Karimunjawa islands.

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