The Charm Of Maratua Island


Maratua island is the outermost island of Indonesia located on the seas of Sulawesi and bordering the country of malaysia, this island is part of the government area of ​​Berau district, East Borneo province. this island has an ecosystem and beauty that has no doubt. There are many tourist activities that can be done on this island, such as swimming, diving, snorkeling, photography, visiting Bajo tribal settlements, seeing sea turtles, adventuring to mountains, caves and lakes.


Maratua Island is like a “paradise” for divers who admire the underwater world, the spot offered is also quite a lot, at least there are 21 dive spots that can be tried here. This is what makes the maratua island a coral reef triangle in the world. Twilight on this island also feels very beautiful, the atmosphere of silence and the pounding of the waves that begin to sweep as the tide of the sea offers a different sensation.

Maratua island is a maritime tourist place that presents a wide variety of marine species, some of which are rare and include protected animals, no wonder this island is a haven for divers and photographers, due to its underwater beauty. The island is also the largest place for turtles laying eggs, this is due to the location of the island located on the coastline.


On this island there is also a small lake inhabited by hundreds of jellyfish, the lake named Haji Buang has blue water, to be able to arrive at this lake tourists only need 15-30 minutes by boat from the village of Bohe Bukut, tourists also can swim with jellyfish without having to worry about being stung.


For lodging facilities on this island is very complete, on this island tourists can find some lodging that is quite affordable, lodging on the island of maratua ranges in price from Rp.550,000Rp.650,000, with lodging capacity of 2-3 people.


To get to this island, tourists need about one hour of sea travel from The Derawan islands. And if departing from Tanjung Redep port, tourists must go to Tanjung Batu first using a car, then can use a speedboat from Tanjung Batu to maratua.

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