The Beauty Of Weh Island


“Sabang” maybe you’ve heard the word? From Sabang to Merauke, lined up islands. It is one of the pieces of Indonesian national song poetry. Sabang is the capital of the island of Weh. Visiting this island means you have set foot in Indonesia zero kilometers, on this island stands a kilometer zero monument.


Weh Island is a small volcanic island located in the northwest of the island of Sumatra, in the Pleistocene era, weh Island was once a land with the island of Sumatra, because the eruption of this island volcano became separated from the island of Sumatra. The island is located in the Andaman Sea.

The island is famous for its underwater ecosystems, the Indonesian government has set an area of ​​60 km² from the edge of the island both in and out as a nature reserve, a large mouthful shark can be found on the coast of this island. In addition, this island is the only habitat for endangered frogs, namely the Bufo Valhallae frog (genus bufo).


On Weh Island you can do a variety of water sports activities, such as surfing, swimming, fishing, exploring the island by boat, snorkeling and diving. Enjoying the underwater world of weh is the main attraction on this island, the diversity of fish species and coral reefs is part of the beauty that can be enjoyed by tourists who come. From the experience of underwater connoisseurs, Weh Island is one of the best locations in Indonesia.


Enjoying the weh island tour brings you to the beach life that is very exciting, you can determine your own lodging from the simple to the luxurious, you can enjoy swinging the net while enjoying the beach panorama as well as the life around it.


Access to Weh island is very easy, from Banda Aceh you can take a ferry in the morning from the port of Uleeheue and will arrive at the Gampang beach, the time you spend is quite long, and if you want to go to Pulau Weh, you can use a speedboat only about 45 minutes.

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