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The Charm Of The Beauty Of The Labuan Cermin Lake


Indonesia is famous for its charm of natural beauty, from Sabang to Merauke Indonesia has thousands of tourist attractions that are very well known to foreign countries and there are still those that have not been touched by human hands. one of the hidden paradise in Indonesia is labuan cermin lake.


Labuan Cermin Lake is a world paradise located in Biduk – Biduk Subdistrict, Berau District, East Kalimantan. The lake is famous for its clarity of water, with so clear water, tourists can see the fish inside the lake, it is known that the depth of the lake is 4-5 m. The water in the labuan cermin lake is very unique by having two flavors that are fresh and salty, because it has a different taste, the lake is also known as a two-flavor lake.

The lake, which is directly adjacent to the Sulawesi sea, makes the location of the lake surrounded by mangroves and high hills and becomes a source of fresh water for lakes with different types of water. When you are in labuan cermin lakes, tourists can do swimming activities, take a boat ride, snorkel and also dive, while diving, tourists will clearly see fish swimming not far from the surface and at the bottom of the lake. Having a different taste of water causes two animals in the lake, namely freshwater animals and sea water animals.


The charm of the natural beauty of the is able labuan cermin lake to hypnotize tourists when they come and enjoy it, especially the scenery around the lake is very soothing, because it is surrounded by lush trees that make the mood calm, and the lake is also very suitable to be a tourist destination for momentarily running away from the crowd.


For lodging facilities, tourists can stay around the biduk – biduk area, with relatively cheap prices and many lodging options. To be able to arrive and enjoy the beauty of a labuan cermin lake, tourists can use the plane to the city of Berau, after arriving in Berau, tourists can use the services of travel to go directly to the location of the labuan cermin lake. Travel from the airport to the location can take around 6 hours.

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