Vacation On Tunda Island


Tunda Island has an area of ​​300 hectares and is an inhabited island and has been managed as one of the tourist attractions in Banten. The naming of the island is derived from folklore, that this island was once a haven of a sultan named Sultan Hasanuddin. Because of the bad weather, the sultan’s trip was delayed. From where the name of this island first appeared, this island is also part of a thousand islands.

Although not too well known to tourists, this island offers a variety of interesting natural tourism activities, this is because the island is still very well preserved. Beautiful views of the beach and beautiful white sand along the beach. On this island only has one village that can be found by tourists, namely wargasara village. This village is divided into 2 villages, namely the eastern village and the western village.


Tourists can do snorkeling and diving activities, this Banten tour offers a beautiful panorama of the beach complete with sunrise and sunset views, even lucky tourists will find some dolphins that sometimes appear on this island. the island has beautiful diving and snorkeling spots.

In addition to snorkeling and diving activities, you can also enjoy other interesting activities. One of them is fishing, for tourists who like fishing, tunda island is one of the best fishing spots. Fishing on tunda island will provide a different experience. And for tourists who like photography, this island provides many of the best spots to photograph nature that is still very virgin.


Access to the island of tunda is still relatively close to Jakarta, only takes two hours by land from the Jakarta toll road – Merak, to the serang on the Karangantu port, Banten. Continue the journey by riding a fishing boat to tunda island. Already many travel tour operators provide transportation, accommodation and consumption facilities for tunda island tours. The average price tag is from Rp. 300,000 – Rp. 500,000, depending on the meeting point from Jakarta or from serang.

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