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Vacation To The Pahawang Island

Pahawang Island is one of the tourist destinations in Lampung. This island is still a virgin, because there are not many tourists visiting this place. However, this hidden island has begun to be popular because some tourists who have visited admit their experiments and recommend the island of Pahawang as the best tourist destination in Lampung.


Pahawang Island is a maritime tour that is very attractive for local and foreign tourists. Most of the tourists who come to this island to enjoy the beauty of the underwater scenery. Besides having the beauty of the underwater, this island also has the beauty of the beach and the scenery around the island which is interesting to enjoy. With blue and clear sea water adds to the charm of the island of Pahawang.


In addition to the large island of Pahawang, other beauties can also be enjoyed on the small island of Pahawang, on this island there is something very interesting, namely the natural bridge on the island of Pahawang. Local residents usually refer to the bridge as the tanjung putus name. This bridge is a cluster of coral that connects the small island of Pahawang with the island of Tanjung putus. This bridge will only be seen compiling sea water is receding, and if the sea is tidal then this bridge will be submerged by sea air. And around the bridge there is a favorite place for tourists who like to dive, because it has beautiful coral reefs with diverse marine species. This small pahawang island can be traveled from the large island of Pahawang with a travel time of around 15 minutes.


On this island of Pahawang tourists can do various activities, such as swimming, sunbathing, relaxing while enjoying the beauty of the scenery, playing sand, snorkeling and diving. The beauty of the underwater world on this island is still natural so it becomes an interesting sensation for tourists.


On this island there are also various public facilities available, for lodging also available. If tourists want to spend a few days there, there are several lodging options on Pahawang Island. Access to Pahawang Island is still very easy, from the direction of Bakauheni Port, the journey continues towards the city of Lampung. From the city of Lampung, proceed to the Ketapang pier in Padang Mirror District, from here tourists can rent a boat to go directly to Pahawang Island.

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