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Playing Jellyfish On The Kakaban Island

Visiting East Kalimantan, don’t forget to come to the island of Kakaban, this beautiful island is one of the two islands in the world that have jellyfish. Kakaban Island is one of 31 islands incorporated in the Derawan Islands, East Kalimantan. with an area of ​​around 774.2 ha, kakaban fourth position after derawan, maratua and sangalaki as the largest island on the derawan islands.


Kakaban Island is one of the islands that is quite unique in the Derawan Islands, one of which is because it has a lake in the middle of the island, another unique feature of this island is that there are only two species of jellyfish in the world, these live on Kakaban and islands Micronesia in the Pacific Northwest region. Although named Kakaban Island, among tourists this destination is more commonly known as Danau Kakaban. The lake on this island was formed in prehistoric times, precisely in the Holosin transition period, the area of ​​the kakaban lake is 5 km2 with steep coral walls as high as 50 m.


In the Kakaban lake there are four types of jellyfish that still live well such as mastigias papua, casiopea, aurelia. Tourists are also permitted to swim with these non-lethal jellyfish. Besides that on this island there are also various types of fish that can be seen such as barracuda, white tip, black tip and hammer shark. On this island tourists can see special things that are difficult to find on other islands.


What you need to pay attention, to tourists who want to swim Together with jellyfish is a ban on using frog legs or fins, this is because kakaban lake has jellyfish that are vulnerable to touch, so it would be better to swim with bare feet. not only that, although the water in this lake is brackish, tourists should still wear swimming goggles, because of the salt content in lake water which makes the eyes feel sore when swimming. Also avoid using cosmetic ingredients such as sun screen or sun block, because it can contaminate lake water and can interfere with the life of jellyfish.


Kakaban Island is one of the uninhabited islands, so tourists who want to visit this island can stay on the island of Derawan. Travel time from Derawan Island to Kakaban Island takes around 1 – 1.5 hours using a speedboat. If tourists from Jakarta and want to visit Kakaban Island, you can search for flights to Tarakan, North Kalimantan. There are two alternative flight routes, directly to Tarakan or first transit in Balikpapan. From Tarakan, tourists must continue the journey by speedboat to Derawan Island which takes 3-4 hours. The second alternative, direct flight routes to Berau, East Kalimantan. from here tourists can rent a speed boat to Derawan Island with a travel time of about 30 minutes.

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