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Small Paradise On The Rat Island

Rat Island is one of the marine tourism destinations in Bengkulu city and is quite popular. This island is a small island with a size of around 2 ha and is dominated by sea coral. On this island, tourists will enjoy the beauty of coral reefs and a variety of amazing biological resources.


This island has the characteristics of dominating coral, although it is small in size, there are many things that tourists can do to spend time on this island. Like playing sand on the beach, swimming with waves that are quite calm and safe, to snorkel under the sea that has a variety of funny fish and beautiful coral reefs. In addition, tourists can also fish by renting fishing boats, because there are many types of fish that live around the waters of this island and are allowed to be fishing and consumed by tourists.


If tourists are lucky, this island can also enjoy the phenomenon of turtles laying eggs. This island is indeed one of the locations made as a place for laying hawksbill turtles and green turtles. Although tourists are allowed to enjoy this natural phenomenon, tourists are not permitted to disturb turtles who are laying eggs or damaging the turtle eggs. The island is surrounded by extensive coral reefs, as if preserving the beauty of the island from damage and abrasion due to the large waves of the beach. Some types of coral that exist on the rat island consist of species of poriter, pocillopora, sarcophito, acroporase, fungia and montipora.


On this island tourists will not meet lodging accommodation at all, the island is too small and the distance is quite far from the city of Bengkulu, making residents in Bengkulu reluctant to build buildings on this island. If tourists need lodging, should look for it in the city of Bengkulu, there are many lodging options available in this city. From luxury hotels to low-priced guesthouses, everything is available. To go to the rat island, tourists can use transportation on the west coast of Bengkulu city. Like speedboats and fishing boats. With a travel time of around 45 minutes using a speedboat, and 1 hour using a fishing boat.

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