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The Beauty Of The Pulau Merah Beach

Pulau Merah Beach is located at the southern end of Banyuwangi Regency, precisely in the Great Source Village, Pesanggaran District. This beach is part of the southern coast, this beach has a hill as high as 200 m. Pantai Merah Island was previously known as the Ringin Pintu Beach by local people, the name Pulau Merah itself refers to a small hill in the middle of the sea that has red soil. In addition to small hills, this beach does look very red when the afternoon, the red color is caused by wet sand exposed to sunlight.


One of the attractions of this beach is the beach waves, this is an opportunity for tourists who like to surf. This beach is always filled by local and foreign surfers. This beach has very good waves as high as 2 m with a length of approximately 300 m and surrounded by mangrove trees. Besides surfing there are still many other activities that can be enjoyed by every tourist who comes to the pulau merah beach . Like snorkeling, fishing, swimming, playing sand and many more activities that can be done.


This beach also has several rocks that can be used as photo spots, Corals add to the exotic pulau merah beach. Sitting relaxing on the beach sand while enjoying the fresh coconut fruit can also be made as one of the alternative tourists when coming to the pulau merah beach.


For facilities on this beach tourists need not worry, because here there are already lodging around the beach. The price is also relatively cheap when compared to lodging in other tourist attractions. Access to the pulau merah beach is fairly easy, from Banyuwangi the distance is around 60 km with an estimated travel time of around 3 hours. The condition of the road to the beach is quite good plus the guide is very helpful, so tourists need not worry. If using public transportation, tourists can depart from the Banyuwangi Jajag terminal using a bus to the Pesanggaran terminal. Arriving at pesanggaran, tourists can use a motorcycle taxi to the pulau merah beach.

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