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The Beauty Of The Samber Gelap Island

Samber gelap Island is one of the islands in the province of South Kalimantan, precisely located in Kotabaru. The island has a small size, but its beauty seems to hypnotize every tourist who comes to this island. The island has calm and clear sea water, its natural atmosphere is so calm with gentle breeze making this location the destination of tourists who are looking for tranquility.


One of the beauties that exist on samber gelap islands is that coral reefs are spread over tens of hectares, the reef contours are quite gentle with a combination of dense coral colonies and sandy coral that has brain coral, and large sponge barrels. With underwater conditions that are quite calm, even a depth of 10 m so the island is a haven for divers to enjoy the underwater beauty.


At almost all dive points, there are various types of fish and colors. Like mackerel, barramundi, snappe, jackfish, medium-sized butterfly fish, and a number of small reef fish. At the front of the island facing south, there is also a stretch of coral, with an average depth of 60 cm. when the water recedes, this is the best spot for swimming or snorkeling. When the night comes, the best moment on this island is the activity of turtles laying eggs, because on this island there is a breeding of turtle cultivation. While on the other hand, tens or even hundreds of hatchlings crawl towards the beach to be able to navigate the free sea.


On this samber gelap island tourists can not find lodging, but residents on this island provide their homes to become lodging for tourists who come. Access to samber gelap islands can start from Banjarmasin, tourists can get by plane to the airport of Alam Syamsir in Kotabaru, with a journey of about 1 hour. If by land, from Banjarmasin to a new city it takes around 7-8 hours to travel. Then from Kotabaru to the samber gelap island through the Kotabaru port using a speedboat rented by the fishermen.





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