Vacation To Sebuku Island

Sebuku Island is a natural tourist destination located in southern Lampung, and is very well known for its beauty. This island is never empty of the arrival of local and foreign tourists. This island offers a panoramic view of the sea that truly spoils the eyes of every tourist who comes, because it is located right in the cluster of children of Mount Krakatau, Sebuku Island has a very unique and interesting charm. Located right on the Sunda Strait, this island is the largest island in the Sunda Strait and the island that separates the island of Java and the island of Sumatra. with an area of ​​around 17.71 m, sebuku island is an uninhabited island and is suitable to be used as a marine tourism destination.


Sebuku Island is famous for its beautiful natural scenery and is still very natural. From the beach side, tourists can see the scenery of Mount Krakatau clearly. The sea water on this island is also quite clear with waves that are not too big, so it is very suitable for tourists who want to swim and snorkel to enjoy the underwater beauty that is very indulgent to the eyes. Tourists can find a variety of colorful tropical fish, coral reefs and a variety of other marine biota that are mixed to produce a very beautiful underwater scenery. Sebuku Island itself has two islands known as small islands and a large island. Although it is located opposite, but these two islands have two different characteristics.


On this island tourists can enjoy the beautiful sunset on the beach, white sand that stretches as far as the eye can see. The clear blue sea water will soothe every tourist who comes. On this island tourists can do swimming, diving, snorkeling, fishing activities.


For tourists who want to visit Sebuku Island, from Bakauheni Lampung port, tourists can go to the Canti pier which is traveled by driving for about 1 hour, then when they arrive at the Cati pier tourists can rent motorboats to cross directly to Sebuku Island with a distance of around 1 hours of travel.

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