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Enjoy The Beauty Of Haji Mangku Cave

Maratua island not only offers an extraordinary charm of the sea. Exploring into the island, there is a very exotic cave, which is haji mangku cave. This cave is located about tens of meters from the northern shore of the island of Maratua, East Kalimantan. based on his own name, this cave was found by a man named haji mangku.


The location of this cave is in the middle of a forest surrounded by lush trees. To be able to enjoy this cave there are two ways, namely by jumping directly from the top of the cave, or entering from the mouth of the cave half of which is covered with water. The best time to visit the haji mangku cave is during the day, because during the daylight the sun will enter illuminating the cave and even penetrating to the cave.


The water in the cave has a salty taste, this is because the passageway in the cave penetrates to the sea, this cave is one of the destinations on the Derawan archipelago that is still rarely heard by tourists, especially local tourists, so it can be said that this destination is a hidden paradise for tourists who like diving and snorkeling activities, the clear water will tempt every tourist to immediately plunge into the lake when they reach the cave, for those who want to snorkel and dive at the cave location, don’t forget to bring the tools, this is because no there is a tool rental in cave.


In the haji mangku cave there are no supporting facilities for tourists, such as toilets, changing rooms, food stalls or anything else. It is better for tourists to bring stock eat and soft drinks that are bought in maratua. Access to the location of the haji mangku cave there are two ways, namely by road and sea travel. For the first, tourists can use motorized vehicles from the island of maratua to the umbrellas village. Then proceed with trekking which takes about several hours to the location of the cave. For the second, tourists can rent a speed boat or boat owned by local fishermen with a travel time of about 20 minutes from the island of maratua. Arriving at the outskirts of the island tourists can continue the trip with trekking approximately 10 minutes to get to the location of the cave.

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