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Underwater Beauty Of Sangalaki Island


Sangalaki Island is a small island of about 15 hectares and is part of the Derawan archipelago and is one of the outermost islands in Indonesia. The island is located in East Kalimantan province and is an uninhabited island. Island with white sand that is very clean and shiny with a width of about 12-15 m and the waters around it there is a marine tourism park known as diving tourism with very diverse marine biota. the coastline on this island is also very gentle, perfect for playing water or swimming. The existence of manta rays will make it an interesting spectacle for tourists who come to this island.


Surrounding the Sangalaki island only takes about 30 minutes, while going around this island tourists will meet a lot of wildlife on this island, including coconut crab , monitor lizards, bondol eagles,megapode, egrets and seabirds. Sangalaki Island is home to many green turtles. This island is a nesting place for green turtles in the Southeast Asian region. At night you can find dozens of turtles that come here every year to lay eggs, in total there are more than 3,700 turtles that come to this island, this makes the sights awaited by tourists.


Sangalaki Island has an underwater panorama that attracts many tourists especially for divers from all over the world. Tourists will feel the world paradise under the sea of ​​Sangalaki Island with some amazing spots, such as channel entrance, coral garden, turtle town, sandy ridge, manta run, Sherwood forest, manta parade, manta avenue, eel ridge, lighthouse and the rockies. The island also has beauty when dusk arrives, tourists can enjoy the beauty of the sunset on the Sangalaki island.


On this island, the Sangalaki Dive lodge is available to prepare lodging and diving equipment. To get to this island, tourists can use airplanes, with the destination of sepingan Balikpapan’s airport. From the sepingan, tourists can use airplanes to the capital city of Berau, Tanjung Redeb, or tourists can rent a speedboat in Tanjung Batu Harbor.

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