Enchantment of Alor Island

Alor is an island located in the province of East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. with an area of ​​2,119.7 km2, the beauty of the alor island is like a hidden paradise. Apart from its short name, the Alor island hides a series of splendors, from enchanting underwater wonders, to the unique culture of the locals.


Alor Islands consists of 20 islands and 17 sub-districts, including only 9 islands inhabited, such as alor, pantar, pura, terawang, ternate, kepa, buaya kangge, and turtle. The other 11 uninhabited islands are sikka, cotton, trunks, fields, deer, goats, watu manu, carrying stones, stone ille, ruing fish and nubu, on the island of Alor there are 42 dive spots.


Alor Island is also known as the Thousand Moko Island, Moko is a small bronze drum which is believed to have originated from Vietnam’s Dong Son culture. But it remains a mystery how this prehistoric dong son drum arrived at the alor. Local legend says that the moko was found buried in the ground.

Coral and marine biota are excellent tourist objects on the Alor island. With clear sea water so that it can be clearly seen coral and color fish – the colors make the sea famous to foreign countries. The alor marine park is said to be the second best in the world after the Caribbean islands. The island of Alor marine park is easily reached by land and sea transportation from the city of Kalabahi, the distance is around 14-19 km or a distance of 15 minutes if using sea transportation. The alor marine park area has 18 dive spots which are often called Baruna’s dive site at alor, never – never wall, cave point or mola – mola point.


Access to the Alor island, tourists can come from Kupang by boarding a ferry with a travel time of about 12-13 hours to Larantuka, then continue the journey by taking a fishing boat to the sea port of Kalabahi with a travel time of about 1 hour. On the island of Alor there are many accommodations available such as restaurants, tour guides and lodging


Exploring the Alor island is like a hidden paradise in the eastern tip of Indonesia, very hidden and still natural, not much touched by modern technology. Visiting and vacationing on the island of Alor will make an unforgettable experience for every tourist who comes here.

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