Heaven of Sunset on lae lae Island

Makassar turned out to save an island that offers the charm of beauty that is not inferior to other cities, this island is called Lae Lae island. This island is located in Ujung Kecamatan, Makassar City, South Sulawesi. With an area of ​​0.04 km2 and occupied by 420 families. The island of lae lae is included in a group of islands that are inside the Makassar island tourism area. The island is not far from the Losari beach.


The distance from the Lae lae island to the Losari beach is around 1.5 km, and if it is taken by boat crossing it only takes no more than 5 minutes. There are several places to cross to the lae lae island, including the panyua pier, the bangkok wooden pier and the port of paoetere. The lae lae island itself is also quite unique, where the island has a rectangular shape with a wave barrier wall located in the western part of the island and stretching from north to south.


On lae lae island there are roads that can be used for pedestrians, this road will make it easier for visitors to walk around the island. Expanse of trees along the beach adds to the beauty of the beach, clear sea water and white sand makes the beach look amazing. If tourists want to enjoy the beauty of the beach while relaxing, tourists can relax in bamboo huts that are available along the coastline on this island. And for tourists who have a hobby of photography can find many places to get a charming view.


The island which is located on the western side of the city of Makassar is also a favorite place for tourists to do diving and snorkeling. The island is also famous for having a very beautiful sunset view, the sunset presented by the lae lae island will also give a beautiful impression for tourists who mostly also choose to stay on this island. Facilities on the lae lae island are also quite adequate, for lodging already available some huts or tourists can spend the night in a resident’s house.

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