The Beauty Of Pasumpahan Island

Indonesia is an archipelago, many islands are beautiful and have not been published by the media. One of the islands in Indonesia that is still rarely visited by tourists is the Pasumpahan island. This island is located in Padang, West Sumatra, precisely on the west coast of Padang. The area of ​​the island is only about 5 hectares, with clear waters consisting of 3 color gradations, namely clear on the shore, bluish green in the middle of the ocean.


The beauty of the island of Pasumpahan makes this island known to tourists, the island has coral reefs that are still very well maintained and have various types of reef fish and ornamental fish which are very attractive for tourists to enjoy. The island is also a gathering place for fishermen. On the beach side tourists can enjoy the view to see fishermen catching fish. The island is also famous for the beauty of its sky color combination when the sun sets.


For tourists who like snorkeling, this island has a beautiful underwater beauty. Underwater ecosystems that are still beautiful and maintained with very beautiful coral reefs, make snorkeling on the island very enjoyable. For now, Pasumpahan Island already has a variety of facilities that are quite complete, including toilets, some water sports games, beach volleyball courts, for tourists who want to spend the night on this island, there are lodging with relatively affordable rates, camping ground is also available for tourists who want to be closer to the environment. In addition, tourists can also climb a 100 m high hill on the north side of the island, seeing the view from the top of the hill will make it an unforgettable experience especially if captured in the photo.


Access to the pasumpahan island can be from the banana river which is 20 km from the city of Padang, the road to get there is quite easy, tourists just follow the direction of the road to painan and directly to the banana river. Arriving at the banana river, there are many fishing boats, which can be rented for to pasumpahan island .

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