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The Beauty Of The Bawean Island

Bawean Island is an island located in the Java Sea, with an island area of ​​almost 200 km2. Bawean Island is one of the islands in the district of Gresik, East Java, Indonesia. Its location is around 80 minute or around 120 km north of Gresik district. Bawean Island has many potential untouched tourism destinations, natural beauty of the mountains with dense tropical rainforests, lakes and waterfalls, to very exotic beaches.


Bawean Island has seven beautiful beaches that can be enjoyed by tourists, such as Noko Beach, Gili (East), Noko Selayar, Ria, Long Grave, Mayangkara and Tanjung Gang. Each beach certainly has a uniqueness and beauty that can spoil the eyes of the tourists. The island is also dubbed the island of the princess, the reason being that all male residents became nomads. This causes most of the Bawean population to be women.


All tourist destinations offered on this island are still very natural and awake, white sand lies on all its beaches, including small islands around it. Here tourists can also enjoy the sunrise and sunset from the corner of the island. Bawean Island has an amazing underwater beauty, no wonder if all the beaches on this island have snorkeling spots. And it has many beautiful coral reefs, one of which is a coral reef around the border between the villages of Kepuh Legundi and Gili Islands. These coral reefs are increasingly exotic with many ornamental fish and turtles swimming there, there are 10 species of fish that do not exist in other oceans in the world except on this island.


In addition to enjoying the underwater beauty, on this island, there is one place that is also often visited by tourists, namely captivity of protected animals of the Bawean deer (axis kuhlii). The deer breeding area is located in the west gebang pudakit, sangkapura district, about 10 km from Sangkapura with a distance of 30 minutes. Bawean deer are endemic animals whose population is increasingly scarce and endangered, currently the number of bawean deer is estimated to be 400 to 600.


For accommodation on the Bawean island, it is already available in a fairly complete manner, many resort-shaped inns have been built, so that tourists just choose according to the budget for the place to stay. Access to the Bawean island can be reached by fast boat or ferry, through the port in Lamongan or the port in Gresik tourists can go directly to the Bawean island, with a travel time of about 3.5 hours by fast boat, and 8 hours for the ferry.

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