The Beauty Of The Panoramic Tanjung Lesung Beach

Tanjung Lesung beach tourism is one of the best beach tours along the beach of Java. The natural beauty that is still unspoiled and the beauty of the shape of the beach and the vast sand make the beach dimpling a new destination for tourists. The tanjung lesung beach area is a land in the shape of a mortar that juts into the sea and has an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 1,500 ha. On this beach has a beautiful view, and having a cliff is not so steep. On the north side there is a lagoon that has a depth of about 5 m, the Tanjung Lesung beach also has relatively calm waves and is not large.


The atmosphere of tanjung lesung beach which tends to be calm, is perfect for tourists who come with family and friends. Various activities that can be done by tourists with family or friends can be enjoyed on this beach. On this beach it also has the beauty of its diverse marine life, for tourists who enjoy diving and snorkeling, this beach is one of the underwater beauty paradise by enjoying the beauty of coral reefs, jellyfish and many fish swimming around the coral reefs.


Tanjung Lesung Beach also has a fishing village, the destination of this fishing village is called Kampung Ciponan, and the uniqueness of this village is to have a very cool outbound, such as conservation of coral reefs, feeding birds, seeing the sunrise. Besides that tourists can also know the activities of fishermen when fishing, tourists are also taught how to traditional fishing and how to process fish according to local residents.


On the Tanjung Lesung beach there are a number of inns and accommodation facilities that are very complete such as restaurants, toilets. Access to Tanjung Lesung beach if you can from Jakarta through Tangerang – Merak toll road, then exit east serang toll road. after going through the city of Serang, the journey continued to the city of Pandeglang and Labuan to the Tanjung Lesung beach. The second option is to lead the Jakarta-Merak toll road and exit through Cilegon toll road, then proceed through the Anyer beach to Labuan until you reach Tanjung Lesung beach.

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