The Beauty Of Weekuri Lake

Indonesia is a paradise for nature tourism, ranging from mountains, beaches, waterfalls, to lakes. Nature tourism in Indonesia offers a very interesting charm. One of the hidden beauties that exist in Indonesia is Lake Weekuri, the location of Lake Weekuri Sumba is indeed quite hidden because it is covered by forests, shrubs and cliffs. It takes extra effort to reach this place, but everything will pay off when tourists see the panoramic view that is there.


Located in kalenarogo village, kodi sub-district north of West Sumba district, East Nusa Tenggara province. a lake that has a bluish green color this is a very unique lake, the lake’s water feels salty and brackish. This lake is actually a lagoon that is formed from the open ocean which is in the range of the lake. weekuri lake has water that is very clear with a depth of water that is not deep, making it suitable for use by tourists to play water and swim.


weekuri lake is a lagoon that is only separated by rocks from the Mandorak beach, which is why the waves often sound loudly from behind a large reef. At that time, sea water entered through the gaps in the lake. Besides being able to enjoy the beauty of Weekuri lake by playing water or swimming, tourists can also enjoy and explore its beauty from a height. Only need to walk along the path towards the west following the sound of the roar of the waves, tourists can climb the cliff that juts into the open sea. From the top of the cliff top, tourists will feel a different sensation, enjoying the panorama of the beauty of the lake from the top of the cliff.


The right time to visit this lake is in the afternoon, in the afternoon the sun starts to lean westward, so the blue sky will reflect light into the lake. In addition, tourists can watch the sunset from the top of the coral hill. There are no any supporting facilities in this lake area, it is better for tourists to bring lunch, so they can be eaten while enjoying the beauty of Weekuri lake.


Access to Weekuri lake is still difficult, because there is no public transportation and its location is quite far from the city. There are no directional to the location, so tourists must often – often ask the locals where the lake is located. The weekuri lake area is marked by a guard post, there are some local residents who hold the post. Then from the tourist guard post, you still have to walk about 20 m to get to the location.

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