Paradise Of The Beauty Of The Tukad Cepung Waterfall

The beauty of the waterfall, has a special attraction for tourists, the tukad cepung waterfall in the Bangli area, Bali, is one of the new natural tourist attractions that are beginning to be known by tourists. The tukad cepung waterfall is now a new favorite destination on the island of Bali, its beauty and nature is still very natural. making this place a very suitable location for a moment to forget the hubbub of the atmosphere of a big city, this waterfall is also worthy of being called one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bali.


This waterfall has a height of about 15 m, if noticed at a glance it appears that this waterfall falls from the sky, because it is touched by sunlight. So it is not surprising if this waterfall is also said to be a waterfall from the sky. Its location is hidden and access is a little difficult not to discourage tourists from coming to see and enjoy its natural beauty. This waterfall is surrounded by rock cliffs that add its own uniqueness.


Tourists will feel the damp sensation of the forest and the beautiful reflection of the light of the sun that shines on the rock cliffs around the location of the waterfall. High rock cliffs flanking on the right and left sides of the river, as if it were a natural gate that made the beauty of the tukad cepung waterfall become quite special, unique, beautiful and impressive. Tourists can take a bath and feel the freshness of this waterfall, breathe fresh air in a remote place and away from the hustle of the city.


Another activity that tourists can do is capture memories while in a waterfall by taking pictures. Tukad Cepung waterfall tourism is still fairly new, so this waterfall has not been so crowded visited by local and foreign tourists, for facilities at the location of the waterfall is still very minimal. The distance from Denpasar city to the waterfall is about 41 km and it takes around 75 minutes, while from Bangli city it is around 8 km. after arriving at the parking lot, tourists have to go down the stairs and down the path on the edge of the river. Follow the trail to the end, tourists will see the beauty of this waterfall.

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