Garden Underwater Tomini Bay

Indonesia is the best place for tourists to enjoy the beauty of nature. One of the best Indonesian destinations for tourists is Tomini Bay. Tomini bay is a bay that stretches in northern Sulawesi, precisely located in Gorontalo province. The area not far from the equator is a place for tourists to enjoy holidays in Indonesia.


Tomini bay is the largest bay in Indonesia with an area of ‚Äč‚Äčaround 6.000.000 ha, and has many islands, around 90 islands. Tomini bay has very rich and diverse natural resources. here is a paradise for divers, this is because tomini bay has a beautiful underwater beauty, and there are around 200 diving spots that can be found. The diving spot that is a dream for tourists is in the togean islands and olele marine parks. There, tourists can enjoy the beauty of coral reefs with glass-clear sea water, and unique animals in it.


Tomini Bay is right on the equator, so it has a variety of biota in it. Tomini Bay has salinity, pressure, and moisture that are suitable for many types of fish and coral reefs. Giant coral reefs, anemones, nemo fish, gobi fish and octopus are just a few of the hundreds of species of marine life that can be found in Tomini Bay. And if tourists come from February to April, tourists will be able to watch a group of dolphins swimming freely and doing amazing attractions in their natural habitat.


At Tomini Bay already has a variety of facilities, from bathrooms, restaurants to lodging, the rates are pretty cheap. The hospitality of the people around Tomini Bay will also add comfort when tourists come here. Access to Tomini Bay is recommended to use the air line, this is because it doesn’t waste time. If tourist funds do not allow using air lines, tourists can by sea. This is because Gorontalo province has provided three ports that can be chosen by tourists to visit Tomini Bay. Ports that can be chosen by tourists include crossing port, orchid port and kwandang port.

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