Miracle of The Kampar River

The uniqueness and beauty that exists in Indonesian tourism, makes Indonesia a paradise for tourists who come. Of the many tourist areas in Indonesia, Riau is a quite unique tourist spot and many foreign tourists come to enjoy tourism in Riau. One of the best destinations in Riau is the Kampar River. because it has a unique natural phenomenon, by having large waves, the Kampar River is a favorite for world surfers.


Kampar River has waves that are often called bono, bono is a water wave that occurs due to the meeting of tides from the sea and low tide from rivers, and in the Kampar river this unique phenomenon occurs to the estuary. The waves on the Kampar river reach 6 meters. Kampar River has the second longest wave in the world after the Amazon river. This wave has a length of about 20 km.


Bono waves are also known by world surfers as “seven ghost”, this is because the waves produced can reach seven successive waves. The uniqueness of this river is also when the meeting of seawater with the flow of the river, naturally there will be high waves accompanied by a loud bang and accompanied by strong winds. This bono phenomenon only occurs at certain times, namely in August to December. The interesting thing about this river for surfers is when the waves will get higher.


Bono waves in the Kampar river have become famous tourist attractions in Indonesia. This wave is a game for world surfers, because it requires high courage and skill. Many world surfers are curious about the bono waves, because surfing on the Kampar river is not as easy as surfing the sea. Surfing in the river will be more difficult to move the surfboard, this is because the waves are strong and large, making the surf board easy to jerk.

For facilities around the Kampar river, it is quite complete, with cafes, bathrooms, and inns that are already widely available. Access to the Kampar river is quite easy, by renting a vehicle from Pekanbaru to the Kampar river.

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