The Beauty of Gapang Beach

Gapang Beach is one of the most popular beaches for tourists, even though it is located in a remote area, this beach is visited by many. Gapang Beach is located in Iboih Village, Sukakarya Sub-District, Sabang City, Aceh. this beach is known by its nature which is still very awake and the position of the beach directly facing the open sea, so this beach has quite large waves. The name of the gapang beach comes from the name of the tree which is located around the beach, namely gapang tree.


This beach has seawater that is turquoise, white sand, and under sea that is very indulgent to the eyes of tourists who come. The beauty of the gapang beach will be seen when tourists are on a dock not far from the beach entrance. From here tourists can clearly see coral reefs at the bottom of the water, and see aquatic animals roaming inside. In the afternoon, there will be thousands of small fish in groups and an interesting show for tourists, because these fish move in groups following the flow.


At the gapang beach tourists can do various activities such as: swimming, snorkeling, diving, water skiing, jet skiing and fishing. Even for divers, the dive center on the beach has been established by a dive center to make it easier for tourists to enjoy the beauty of the gapang beach. On the seabed, tourists will see various kinds of marine life, and if tourists come in the right season, from this beach tourists will see shark whales, gurnards, painted frogfish and birostrical manta.


Facilities around the gapang beach are also very complete, with restaurants, places of worship, bathrooms, and lodging with prices that are relatively cheap and varied, according to the facilities at the inn. Access to Gapang Beach is very easy, departing from Banda Aceh, tourists only have to cross by boat to Balohan Port. After arriving at the port, tourists can immediately continue the trip by renting a vehicle that is already available around the port to go directly to Gapang beach.

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