The Beauty of The Kanawa Island

The east Nusa Tenggara region has a very wide plain. There are several islands that can be visited by tourists, one of which is a favorite is Kanawa Island. Small island with exotic nature which has an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 32 ha, and is approximately 15 km from Labuan Bajo, the capital of West Manggarai. The island is also often referred to as the gateway to the Komodo island, because all ships heading to the Komodo island must pass through this island.


When tourists first set foot on the Kanawa island, tourist will see a blue sea that is very clear like glass. Even tourists can see small fish swimming, as if welcoming tourists who come to this island. Besides that the expanse of coral reefs is very wide and very beautiful, pampering the eyes of every tourist, such as calling for a closer look.

Kanawa Island is known to have the beauty of nature and underwater life that is very fascinating. Tourists do not need to look far for snorkeling to see coral reefs, school of fish, turtles, starfish, and various other types of marine anemones. Only about 10 meters from the beach, tourists can enjoy all the beauty. On the right side of the island there are still red algae left over which make this island glimpse pink.


Not only playing with water, other activities that can be done by tourists are trekking to the kecit hill on the Kanawa island. From the top of the hill tourists will see clearly the very beautiful island of Kanawa. In addition there will be many photo spots that can be found on the hill. Although the trekking route is quite difficult, when you reach the top all will pay off with the beauty of the island while enjoying the sunset.


On the Kanawa island there are 13 cottages that are minimalist in design, but romantic. In each room there are mosquito nets and hammocks, and the bathroom has a semi open bathroom concept. Not only lodging, on this island there are also restaurants and diving centers. Every tourist must know, the supply of electricity and clean water on this island is still very limited. Where filling in clean water can only be done once, which is around 16.00 WIT. And for electricity, it can only live from 18:00 a.m. to 23:00 a.m. But with these “limitations”, midnight tourists will really – really provide an experience that is rarely found elsewhere, because tourists can witness the beauty of stargazing.

Access to Kanawa Island is via Labuan Bajo, this port city can be accessed by land, sea and air. From Labuan Bajo, tourists must continue their journey by vehicle for around 45 minutes to get to Kanawa Island, or can take a boat belonging to Kanawa Island Bungalow, at 10 o’clock local time.


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