The Beauty of The lengkuas Island

The Lengkuas island is one of the most interesting tourist attractions in the islands of Belitung. This island is one of hundreds of islands that surround the bangka belitung. The island is located in Sijuk sub-district, Belitung regency, Bangka Belitung. The island has an area of ​​only about 1 ha. Although small, this island has a beauty that tourists don’t doubt.


Lengkuas island has incredible natural beauty, white sand with blue sea water, making tourists can enjoy the beach base on this island. On this island there are giant granite boulders which are located around the coast so that it adds to the beauty of the lengkuas island. The attraction and has become a landmark on this island, is an old lighthouse built by the Dutch colonial government in 1882 with a height of about 50 m. Until now, the lighthouse is still functioning well as a guide for ship traffic that passes or exits and enters the island. Tourists are also allowed to enter the lighthouse which has 18 floors to enjoy the natural beauty of the island.


On this island, tourists are free to play water, sand and also enjoy the beauty of the underwater with snorkeling and diving. Around the lengkuas island there are many of the best dive spots to see the beauty of the underwater, with corals and fish that will accompany snorkeling and diving activities. In addition, tourists can also take part in angel pools, natural pools formed from granite stones that are joined together. So that the sea water gathers in the pond. Lengkuas Island is also famous for its fishing spots, tourists can rent boats to go to the best spots for fishing. Some types of fish on this island are red snapper and mayong fish.


The facilities on the lengkuas island are very complete, ranging from bathrooms, parking lots, restaurants to typical Belitung souvenir sellers, and lodging at various prices according to the facilities offered by the inn. Access to the island of Lengkuas through several routes, if from Belitung regency, the first route that must be passed is tanjung kalayang village. From the village of Tanjung Kalayang, tourists must pass through several islands before finally reaching the lengkuas island. And the second route is from the promontory to the lengkuas island. The best time to come to lengkuas island is around March to November. Because the ocean waves tend to be calmer, so tourists can enjoy trips by boat.

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