The Beauty of Togean Island

Indonesia is indeed surrounded by many islands, almost of all large areas in Indonesia are decorated with small islands that are close together, one of which is togean island. The island is located in Tomini Bay, and is the largest bay in Indonesia. togean island was inaugurated by the government of Indonesia as a national park (togean national park archipelago) in 2004. Administratively this area is in the tojo una-una district, central Sulawesi.


The beauty of togean island is like a hidden paradise, with blue sea water, the beauty of marine life and coral reefs that are very indulgent to the eye. The island is known as part of the coral triangle, which connects between Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, the Solomon Islands, and Timor Leste. Togean island has become a favorite destination for divers in the world.


Visiting togean island, tourists can do diving activities with clear waters, to penetrate to the bottom. For those who don’t like diving, tourists can also do snorkeling to enjoy the underwater beauty. As part of the coral triangle, the togean island stores a very rich underwater life. Four types of coral reefs are recorded in the island’s waters, atolls, patch reefs, fringing reefs and barrier reefs. And there are around 262 species of coral reefs scattered on this island, 7 of which are endemic species of togean island. Various types of fish of various sizes and colors can also be seen by tourists on this island, around 596 species of fish can be found by tourists. And two species of which are endemic island fish species.


On this island also has a variety of lodging with rates that adjust to the facilities provided. besides lodging, there is also a restaurant on the island, a bathroom. Access to togean island via the batui route – luwuk – pagimana – bunta – ampana. And this trip can be traveled for 8 hours. After arriving at Ampana, tourists can rent a boat at the port to togean Island, and the time taken is around 3 hours.

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