Panorama of The Beauty Lampuuk Beach

Indonesia is known for having a beautiful beach, From Sabang to Merauke, Indonesia has a very famous beach to foreign countries. Many tourists come to Indonesia to enjoy the beauty of the beach. One of the beaches with beauty that really spoils the eyes of every tourist who comes is Lampuuk beach.


Lampuuk Beach is located in the district of Lhoknga, a large Aceh, and faces directly into the Indian Ocean. Lampuuk Beach has a coastline of 5 km, this beach also has soft white sand, turquoise sea water and waves that are loved by surfers. On this beach tourists can also see and enjoy green rows of mountains, and lush pine trees. This beach has quite cool air, so that tourists who come to the lampuuk beach during the day, will not feel hot because of the hot sun. On this beach tourists can also enjoy the beauty of the sunset in the afternoon. Around the beach there is turtle conservation, tourists can see turtles or hatchlings in the pond. Tourists can also take part in the release of hatchlings to the sea, this is another attraction for tourists who come.


In the earthquake and tsunami disaster that hit Aceh in 2004, Lampuuk beach was one of the areas that had severe damage. Settlements and lodging around the coast were destroyed in a tsunami wave. As a result of the tsunami, tourism activities on this beach had been closed, but slowly, activity on the beach was recovering. Over time, many rehabilitation and reconstruction processes have been carried out after the tsunami, at least a year after the tsunami, tourism on this beach has returned to life. Now Lampuuk beach has become a prime tourist destination in Aceh and in Indonesia. with the beauty of the panorama, the lampuuk beach has turned into a beach that is very much visited by tourists.


Access to Lampuuk Beach has four routes that can be chosen by tourists, including Babah one, Babah two, Babah three and Babah four. Babah one and babah two are the paths that tourists often pass to enjoy the beauty of the beach. While babah three and babah four are lanes for tourists who want to do surfing activities. “Babah” is the language of Aceh, which means road. On this beach there are also various lodging facilities with rates varying, depending on the type of lodging and facilities provided.

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