The Charm of The Beauty of Waimarang Waterfall

The beauty of the Sumba island, ranging from hills, grasslands, beaches and waterfall tours is a paradise for nature lovers in the world. Waimarang Waterfall is one of the famous natural tourist destinations in Indonesia. this waterfall located on Sumba Island, East Nusa Tenggara, has quite challenging road access for tourists. Starting from off road, savanna, through the community village that has roads in the form of rocks, after that from the parking lot at the location must also travel around 30 minutes by foot.


The attraction of this waterfall is water that has a Tosca blue color and is very clear, the location is behind a cliff and hidden. Around the location of the waterfall is very natural so that many tourists who come always capture every moment of beauty around Waimarang waterfall. This waterfall consists of 3 levels and is surrounded by tall black cliffs and has been coated with green moss, and each level of the waterfall has a very beautiful natural pool.


This Waimarang waterfall was discovered by a 13-year-old boy named “erikson hapu hamapinda kamanula”. He said he accidentally found this beautiful waterfall while hunting wild boar with his family. When arriving at the location of the Waimarang waterfall, the child’s family takes photos of waterfalls and uploads them to social media. The right time to enjoy the beauty of this Waimarang waterfall is at 09.00 – 10.00 AM. This is because the sunlight that enters through the cliff gap, changes the color of the pool water to green.


Waimarang waterfall is still very natural, and at the location of the waterfall there are no clothes changing facilities, so tourists when they arrive in the parking area are encouraged to immediately wear swimsuits, bring change clothes, and eat and drink. For tourists who like trekking activities, coming to Waimarang waterfall is the right choice. In addition to testing physical endurance, the vigilance and concentration of tourists will also be challenged.

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