Heaven of The Beauty the Dodola Island

As an archipelagic country, Indonesia has a very beautiful natural tourism potential. Especially in the eastern part of Indonesia, one of the potential natural attractions that can be enjoyed is dodola island. This island is located in Morotai District, North Maluku Province. Dodola Island is one of the world’s paradise in Indonesia.


Dodola Island deserves to be called the paradise of the world, because it has a very beautiful natural beauty. The island consists of large dodola islands and small dodola islands which are about 500 m away, interestingly the two islands are only connected when sea water is receding and forming a very unique white sand road. The beauty of the two islands is not much different, it has a very white beach sand, a view of its bluish-green sea water.


The beauty of the Dodola island is not only on the surface, but the beauty of the underwater is also blessing the beauty and wealth. Like coral reefs that are still very well maintained and the existence of various types of fish are diverse. the undersea potential of dodola island is one of the best places for snorkeling and diving, with around 13 dive spots scattered along the island’s waters. Under the sea this island can also see shipwrecked ships and warplanes. because, this island is a world war crossing between Japan and allies.


On the island there are already lodging in the form of cottages built by the local government for every tourist who wants to spend the night on Dodola Island. Lodging rates on Dodola Island are also very affordable, but you should know, Dodola Island has no electricity network available, while telephone signals can be used on this island. To visit Dodola Island, tourists can take a plane to Tobelo, from Tobelo tourists can go to the port of Tobelo to continue the journey to Daruba by ferry or speedboat. Arriving at the daruba, you can rent a boat or speedboat to go directly to Dodola Island

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