Hidden Paradise Dato Majene Beach

West Sulawesi has a beautiful and hidden beach destination in Indonesia. one of them is Dato Majene beach, a beach located in Pangale hamlet, Baurung sub-district, East Baggae sub-district, Majene district, this presents natural beauty that is still very natural and has not been much visited. This beach has two parts of the beach, which is a beach that has white sand and a beach that has coral. This beach has a very large reef, and for tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of the beach from the reef, it has been built up a ladder to make it easier for tourists to climb to the top of the reef.

This beach offers the beauty of a natural panorama that will spoil the eyes of tourists. In addition to having white sand and shades of sea water that are green to blue, this beach is also surrounded by towering cliffs. The clear sea water makes it easy for every traveler who wants to see the underwater beauty, such as coral reefs with colorful fish.

The uniqueness of this beach is the beach on the left and right there is a large coral hill and separates from the other coastline, as if – the beach is hidden and has a very calm atmosphere. Activities that can be done in this beach are swimming, snorkeling, diving, and also playing on the beach with snails – snails that have various sizes and colors. Besides that for tourists who have a hobby of photography, many of the best and unique spots make the shots like beautiful natural paintings. Sunset on this beach is also very beautiful, with warm red gold. In August – September, if tourists are lucky, you can watch the traditional boat race of the Mandar tribe. This boat race is known as the Sandeg race.

Access to this beach can be accessed from the city of Makassar which is traveled for around 6-8 hours. As for other accesses that can be traveled via the Makassa – Mamuju air route, then continue the land trip for approximately 3 hours. Around the beach there are lodging facilities for tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of the beach.

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