Kalibiru’s hidden paradise

Enchantment of Raja Ampat located in West Papua is endless, a row of islands and the sea is very beautiful, able to captivate the hearts of tourists who come to visit. Besides that beauty. there are still many hidden beauties in West Papua, one of which is Kalibiru.

Kalibiru is a river with blue water flow, this river forms a natural pond that has a depth of about 5 m. the color of blue water is very tempting for every tourist who comes. Water blue does not come from algae or because it is polluted, but because of natural processes that occur with kalibiru. The scientific explanation for the kalibiru phenomenon is because it is related to the absorption of sunlight by water. So when sunlight enters the water surface, water molecules will absorb long red waves in the light spectrum, after that yellow, green and purple. And the last one absorbed by water is blue, which is why the color on the surface of the kalibiru is blue.

The uniqueness of Kalibiru is having two water temperatures, which are cold and hot. despite being exposed to the sun all day, the water in Kalibiru remains very cold. The temperature is around 10-20 centigrade. But on the side of the estuary of Kalibiru it will feel warmer. And the other unique thing is even though it is in the middle of the forest, but around the Kalibiru there are basic facilities for tourists. Like the bathroom and gazebo, the facilities provided for tourists can clean themselves and rest in the gazebo that has been provided.

Access to Kalibiru can be said to require effort and excellent stamina. There are two accesses to the location, namely from the villages of Warsandim and Waisai. Both of these accesses require a long time, if through waisai it will take longer, because you have to use a speedboat for 1 hour. After that tourists are required to continue the journey by traveling to a very natural forest with a travel time of about 1 hour.

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