The Charm of The Beauty of The Pari Island

Thousand islands still save a million charms, one of the destinations in this archipelago is Pari Island. Pari Island is one of the main tourist attractions that offers tranquility and beauty of the sea that has not been visited by many tourists. With an area of ‚Äč‚Äčaround 43 ha, this tourist place is only inhabited by around 700 residents, this makes the Pari island not too crowded and suitable for tourists who want to find peace. Pari Island has a beautiful natural landscape, with white beach sand, greenish sea water.


Before becoming one of the tourist destinations in Jakarta, this island was once a fishing village. This place is also a research center for marine biota or LIPI, and until now many students have come to research the ecosystem on this island. The name of the island is obtained because the shape of the island when viewed from above will be like a stingray, pari islands are divided into two, namely the western pari island and the eastern pari island. the western part is a residential area and the eastern part is a tourist area.


Pari Island is known as a clean and natural tourist spot, there are even regulations that forbid any tourists visiting this island from carrying garbage from outside and leaving it on this island. Tourists must carry plastic bags to store trash and carry them again when leaving the Pari island. on this island tourists can do various activities such as swimming, fishing, renting fishing boats to get around the island, diving and snorkeling. This island has a beach that has no waves, this is because the island is blocked by mangrove trees that grow around the island.


There are two of the most interesting places on the island, namely virgin sand beaches and sun hills. Virgin sand beach is a beach area that is still very natural and beautiful. While the sun hill is a place to see the beauty of the sunrise sunset on the island of Pari. on Pari Island there are no inns, villas or hotels. For overnight travelers, tourists can rent houses that have been equipped with facilities for tourists like hotels.

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