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The Charm of the beauty of Ujung Kareung Beach

Indonesia is an archipelago that has natural beauty that is very indulgent in the eyes. From the mountains, islands, waterfalls and beaches it is amazing and makes Indonesia the best tourist destination in the world. One of the best beaches in Indonesia is Ujung Kareung beach.


The beach located in the village of Ujung Kareung, Sukajaya sub-district, Sabang city, Aceh has a very beautiful and exotic beach view. This beach has a coral reef that is spread along the coast and makes it unique for this beach. The name of this beach is taken from the language of Aceh which means the tip of the coral, according to the condition of the beach filled with rocks.


On this beach, tourists can see the remnants of the building from the tsunami legacy, such as the building and the lighthouse, the coast of ujung Kareung also used to be a place of defense by the Japanese during the colonial period. With the discovery of a Japanese bull building that still stands around the shoreline.


This beach has a blue expanse of sea and is surrounded by typical coastal trees. On this beach also has a very beautiful sunset in golden red. Not only that, underwater the ujung kareung beach is also very beautiful. with coral reefs that are still very well maintained, as well as various types of fish swimming around the coral reefs. On this beach, tourists can also jump from the top of the reef to the sea with a distance of about 10 m. and this beach has also been built a diving board that leads to the sea which has a length of about 5 m.


The facilities at the tip of ujung Kareung beach are quite complete, with the availability of cafes and restaurants that provide a variety of Acehnese specialties, as well as bathrooms for tourists who want to clean themselves after swimming on the beach. Access to the tip of ujung Kareung beach is quite easy, from the city of Meulaboh tourists go directly to the beach with a distance of about 1.5 km with a travel time of about 10 minutes.

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