Underwater Paradise in Amed Beach

Bali is a very complete and favorite tourist spot for tourists who come to Indonesia. many beaches and exotic islands that list the destinations to visit, one of which is Amed Beach. This beach is located in the eastern part of Bali island, located in Abang sub-district, Karangasem regency, Bali. The beauty of this beach has become excellent among tourists, especially foreign tourists. with the beauty of its enchanting marine park, it is an attraction for every tourist who comes to Amed Beach.


Unlike the beaches in Indonesia, the sand on Amed beach is black. But for tourists who like diving and snorkeling will be very at ease linger diving on the Amed beach. This beach is famous for its underwater paradise. Many tourists love diving on the Amed beach because the water is clear and many coral reefs are still preserved, so many fish swim while looking for food around coral reefs. Various types of fish on this beach such as banner fish, black snapper, damselfish, pyramid butterflies, trigger fish and cardinal fish, and other marine biota that can spoil the eyes of tourists. When diving, tourists will find a Japanese wreck that sank in World War II. This ship has been covered by coral reefs and is inhabited by various types of fish. This location is the best to enjoy while diving on Amed Beach.


Around the amed beach there is a lake, which is located right on the edge of the beach in a flat position. For tourists who want to learn diving, this lake is the right choice. In this lake tourists can also swim to the area of ​​rock that is around the lake. Amed Beach is also famous for its beautiful sunrises, which can be enjoyed by tourists. The condition of the Amed beach atmosphere is also still natural and untouched by outside culture.


Amed Beach already has quite complete facilities, ranging from lodging, bathrooms, to restaurants. For lodging, the rates vary, according to the facilities provided by the inn. To be able to arrive and enjoy the beauty of the Amed beach, tourists must travel a distance of about 3 hours by vehicle, if departing from the international airport ngurah rai. And if from Denpasar, the distance must be around 78 km.

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