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The Charm of the beauty of Ujung Kareung Beach

Indonesia is an archipelago that has natural beauty that is very indulgent in the eyes. From the mountains, islands, waterfalls and beaches it is amazing and makes Indonesia the best tourist destination in the world. One of the best beaches in Indonesia is Ujung Kareung beach. source:link The beach located in …

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Panorama of The Beauty Lampuuk Beach

Indonesia is known for having a beautiful beach, From Sabang to Merauke, Indonesia has a very famous beach to foreign countries. Many tourists come to Indonesia to enjoy the beauty of the beach. One of the beaches with beauty that really spoils the eyes of every tourist who comes is …

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The Beauty of Gapang Beach

Gapang Beach is one of the most popular beaches for tourists, even though it is located in a remote area, this beach is visited by many. Gapang Beach is located in Iboih Village, Sukakarya Sub-District, Sabang City, Aceh. this beach is known by its nature which is still very awake …

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The Charm Of Kuala Merisi Beach

Aceh’s natural tourism is always interesting to visit, so many natural attractions are scattered in Aceh, one of which is the Kuala Merisi beach. The beach is located in Keutapang village, Krueng Sabe sub-district, Aceh district. kuala merisi beach is a coastal area located on the west coast of Indonesia …

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The Beauty Of Weh Island

source:link “Sabang” maybe you’ve heard the word? From Sabang to Merauke, lined up islands. It is one of the pieces of Indonesian national song poetry. Sabang is the capital of the island of Weh. Visiting this island means you have set foot in Indonesia zero kilometers, on this island stands …

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