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The Charm of The Beauty of The Pari Island

May 8, 2019

Thousand islands still save a million charms, one of the destinations in this archipelago is Pari Island. Pari Island is one of the main tourist attractions that offers tranquility and beauty of the sea that has not been visited by many tourists. With an area of ​​around 43 ha, this tourist place is only inhabited […]

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The Charm Of The Beauty Of The Tiger Island

April 23, 2019

Thousand islands have a special attraction with the number of islands scattered, from all islands tourists can visit several islands that are indeed a tourist area. In addition to its many scattered islands, tourists can also visit the underwater conservation national park in the thousand islands. One of the main target islands to visit is […]

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Exoticism Of Pramuka Island

November 20, 2018

source:link     pramuka Island is one of the islands in a thousand islands, Pramuka Island is precisely located in the village of panggang Island, a district of the North Thousand Islands, a special area of ​​the capital Jakarta. the origin of the name Pramuka island was due to scouting activities, formerly the pramuka island […]

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